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We design with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, as we believe that every New Zealander should have access to a healthy home that doesn't cost the earth to run.


With this vision, we are aiming to standardise building methods that achieve a higher level of performance and exceed the requirements of current building code compliance. Not only does this deliver a high-performing home, it also reduces the environmental impact of the build today and in years to come. 


Through the use of sustainable design practices and considered architectural principles, our aim is to design inclusive, healthy houses for Kiwi families across a broad spectrum of Socio-economic demographics.

Sam Harwood | Architectural Designer

Purpose Led Design

Everything needs a purpose, if not two. We design with quality and overall performance in mind. This results in a more holistic approach that takes into account how the building will interact with the environment in years to come. Our designs are a response to the social, environmental, and economic challenges we are facing as a nation and in the wider global context. 

Sustainable Construction

We are advocates for sustainable building practice and this is what drives our design philosophy. Incorporating sustainable and energy-efficient principles is engrained in our method of practice. We are on a mission to inform and educate our clients and the wider community about how we can reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry. 

Our Architect, Sol, is a qualified Homestar Assessor. Find out more about Homestar here.

Socially Conscious

Healthy, efficient, and comfortable houses should be accessible to all in Aotearoa. We work closely alongside communities and with developers to ensure sustainable building practices are available across all social levels. We have an increasing involvement in intensified housing developments throughout the Hawke's Bay region that are targeted at providing affordable, yet healthy housing.  

Be Innovative + Stay Curious

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and lower the environmental footprint of our designs, whether this be with new building materials or building practices. Our drive to remain curious means we are forever evolving with the times and design with the modern lifestyle in mind. We have strong industry relationships and like to stay informed about new and innovative products that can help us achieve our goals. 

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