After several years of research and talking to suppliers, we have made the investment in a Solar PV system to offset our electricity use.

Solar PV is something that we have been passionate about for a long time and often encourage clients to incorporate their projects, it is only right that we do the same.


The system is modest given the space available with 10x 285w panels which are connected through Micro Inverters to a Envoy monitoring system.

System Details

The panels array is 2.85kW with10x 285w panels. 

Each panel has an Enphase microinverter, which means if one panel is shaded the others are not affected. 

The inverters are marginally undersized, while this reduces peak power generation it means the inverters run at the highest efficiency as much as possible. 

The system was installed by Freenergy Solar Solutions who is a Hawke's Bay based installer.




An annual generation of 4000kWh has been estimated, however, that will depend on the amount of Sunshine house and shading our panels received. 

Enphase Envoy monitoring system allows us to track our generation, consumption and at what times of day is best to use household appliances. Below is a live and interactive page displaying the Generation Only.



Financing & Feasibility 

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan 

##Other Costs - Meter replacement and Line surcharge




## Offsetting

## Export rates across suppliers 

##  Trustpower Solar Buddies scheme